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Feature / Screenplay

After a heavy night out two best friends plunge into a self-made nightmare. A body has been found in the local park. Nothing is what it seems anymore. And Occult symbols have appeared on the kitchen wall. 

So begins a journey that dissolves reality, wrecks old certainties and transforms close friends into mortal enemies.

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Feature / Screenplay

1977. The year of the Silver Jubilee, Punk and the Yorkshire Ripper. 

While the UK celebrates the Queen's 25th Anniversary on the throne, 4 armed robbers break in to an aristocrat's mansion.  But to their horror they quickly discover.....breaking in was the easy bit. 

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Feature / Screenplay

A man in his early 30s is arrested wandering the streets of London drenched in blood. None of it is his.

He is relocated to a Psychiatric Research Centre that specialises in 'high risk' male prisoners.


Unable to identify himself, he is referred to as 'David' owing to a tattoo on his shoulder. But is he 'high risk'? Are the hospital's methods ethical? And who is the real 'David'?

So begins a journey into the dark recesses of the 21st Century, set against a city plagued by terrifying blackouts. 

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Feature / Screenplay

Scott is a teenager who lives in the middle of nowhere. Boredom haunts him. Too much time alone triggers twisted fantasies that scare him. 

Scott's desire for excitement leads him to Mike. Sex, drugs and misadventure? Mike has it sorted. 


But when the teenagers break into a local house, everything spirals into chaos. Confronted by the homeowners, they try to run. The last time Scott sees Mike he is fighting for his life. 

Thus begins a nightmare 'coming-of-age' story that journeys into the dark heart of British suburbia.

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Feature / Screenplay

Paul Wachowksi  is a good-looking, all-American boy. He was also raised by a Children Of God-style cult in the early 1990s. But after a tragic road accident separates him from his blood parents, he finds himself 'reborn'.


But America at the dawn of the 21st Century is in spiritual crisis. The shadow of 9/11 falls across everything. And 'Evil' appears to be on the march again.


Paul decides he must return to his origins in the hope of finding salvation - unaware his actions will ultimately leave him fighting for his life.

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Image Credits: Vranyo (Carter Smith) Run The Blood (James "Jimmy" Alfred Moody) David (Antoine d'Agata) Denizens (Bill Henson) The Sacrifice (Stock)